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What do I need to focus on first in regards to gear?

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Just looking for some advice as to what’s important to focus on first. I’m newly level 75 and my gear is prime guardian clean with no socket or enchant. Should I worry about getting omegas and making all+15 or maybe some decent manastones? Is plume important? Upgrading accessories first? Stigmas? So much stuff I don’t know what to start on first. Any advice appreciated thanks 

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PvP-wise, stick to the level 75 Abyss gear, you can enchant it to either +10 or +15, +15 being preferable. Manastones are more important than enchanting, and this is where you define the line whether you want to go full try-hard or just decent enough. However, at the same time, focus on acquiring the Soulstones required for purification of your set, as they will allow you to get the level 80 Abyss set. It will take a while, but doable and it is only about winning Evergale, assisting to Divine Fortress sieges and doing Frozen Monolith (and A Dredgion). Accessories are also important, and another thing you should look into. Though, the level 75 accessories are still nice enough, but they are considerably harder to purify (they break when you fail).

Plumes are important, and you just happen to be lucky, since the current event is giving out Pure Plume boxes. Tempering them to +5 is pretty much good enough, but you can definitely push beyond that, risking to going back to +0. Plumes give you a boost on HP, really useful in some cases. Bracelets will also give you additional defence the higher they go.

Stigmas... meh, charging them is not mandatory. The charging benefits are only good on very specific skills. But the stigma set effect at +9 is extremely attractive for some people. The problem is that stigmas, beyond +5, become increasingly difficult to succeed with and will reset to +0 upon failure. From time to time, there is this Power Up! event, which grants nice character enhancing buffs, such as stigmas not completely resetting back to +0 and instead only dropping one level (similar thing on accessories). The people who have high level charged stigmas are the ones who benefited form this event the most.

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