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WTB I don't give a damn to PVP scroll

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Scroll info:

-primary effect - cannot engage or be engaged in any pvp activity for 24hs

-secondary effect - permanent deletion of WAR quest tab, resulting in no more quests from that tab.

-terciary effect - 99,9% chance of dropping "I don't give a damn for grouped dungeons", a scroll that will allow you to get alone in any dungeon without group restriction.

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I know that feeling. Sometimes youjust want to do some quest or farm things whitout interruptions :P 

About the war quest at leat can be solved easily. Once you have them all, don´t complete them just leave them there. And you wont have more quest opening in the middle of something important. 

And you are a cleric, so if you find somebody to keep you in group, you can solo a lot of things. (also, you can make a secondary account just to keep a group for you) 

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I would love to have all instances be able to choose not only the difficulty but also the amount of people in it. Effectively why not have all instances be able to be run with 1 char as solo with minimal rewards?

I am 75 lvl (pretty close to reaching 100% in my bar too since I am 75 lvl since summer 2017), I have graywolf accessories +7 or something, nice pve weapon and all... but I am not doing 99% of the instances because it requires a static team to do them. I never been in frozen monolith that I need for the soulstones. People have told me to either get more social or quit the game, pretty smart for a dieing game to tell people to quit.

I'd love to be able to have my personal non-commited non-avid playstyle and still be able to do some things, like upgrade (slowly) my items with the soulstones.
Like I need about 6~7 months of 4x soulstones from EC just to make my whole set upgraded!

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At least a bunch of story instances become solo instances or small group instances in 6.0.

The modern stuff is meant to be challenging for groups and a collaborative playstyle. Most MMOs do this. They're meant to be social. Just because you and I are antisocial doesn't mean an MMO needs to fully cater to us, especially for top level gear.

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  Yes this is how the game is, and this is why we have suggestions. A game can cater to everyone if they care enough. Why have BT normal mode and hard mode? Why cater to those that cannot do the hard mode? The pvp items used to be soul bound already, they made the archdaeva ones tradeable and then they made the upgraded ones -> soul bound again. The high end medals were also untradeable but then spinel medal were already tradeable since the beginning.

Nothing occurs in a vacuum, everything is a choice of the developers and they create content that will draw more and more people. Having different tiers of instances for different play styles would be an upgrade, not just catering to a soloer.

I am already forced to enter a 4 alliance pvp instance where half the people are afk and they still get rewards, even worse if we manage to get 4k points for them. Was their intention to give rewards to afkers? No, they wanted to give the losing team some rewards, but to the afker problem they allowed the kicking option. So it was a bad design that players took advantage of and they adapted to it.

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8 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Most MMOs do this. They're meant to be social. Just because you and I are antisocial doesn't mean an MMO needs to fully cater to us, especially for top level gear.

Don't get me wrong, I love Aion from the first time I clicked start, but these are huge marketing flaws. There's an MMO that I will not say it's name, but is a revamped one, that is about to be re-launched on Steam. Game will be PVP focused, but I already gathered some info from eager players, that there was and there will be again an item that can be bought with ingame currency that will make you neutral regardless of your faction / map / alliance for a certain ammount of time. I've been wandering around some other games forums and noticed that I'm not alone on this quest to play a multiplayer game alone. At certain point I will need to interact with someone, either to sell or buy stuff and yes, I might even look for a group, but that should be my will, not others. So 2 things could be done with simple checkmark boxes

(✓) PVP disable

(✓)Don't show quests like this anymore

If I as a player could do both things above on my settings, Aion would be perfect. Who wanted PVP would have it and who don't, woudn't have to worry about zerg rush.

There are lots and lots of posts everywhere on every single MMO who wants exactly this. I want to play the game. I don't want to nerf your fun, but I don't want to be part of it.

Offtopic: why can't I change my forum avatar (#devlazyness)

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23 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

$100 per scroll, no trade

That's why I posted this initially because this is about what it'd be if NCsoft added it to Aion, loooooool. I immensely dislike forced PvP too because it's always implemented poorly, and then with Aion where you can get simultaneously no-ani'd and max-Sheba'd by people with +25 L80 AP gear with +7 accs and +9 stigmas and +10 gold plumes and and and (nyerk 5.8 srsly)...

The first MMO I ever played (Aion rest its soul) had toggle on/toggle off PvP, except in certain areas, and it was awesome. Aion's in 6.2 in Korea, and they still have not added anything like that, even though some players have been asking for it since 1.5. The closest we got was the no PvP zones in 3.0, which were just about as bad as the full-PvP zones we have now. I strongly doubt Aion's going to add such a scroll anytime soon, and, if they do, it's going to be BCM-only, no trade, etc. Because $$$$.

Just now, Bunko-DN said:

Offtopic: why can't I change my forum avatar (#devlazyness)

@Cyan I want my forum avatar to be my kawaii potato.

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