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Templar in 6.0 sword/shield or greatsword ?

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My main concern is bad clerics we have to group in 6.0 and shield recovery hp skill *forgot name sorry*

Most of Templar skills dealing from 10k-20k damage even with sword and shield so 20% hp from shield skill = 2000-4000 hp that's huge for every 24 second skill but you will also lost punishment which will buff in 6.0 with multiple hit x2.About damage between sword/shield and greatsword thery doing nearly same damage if not identical.

I don't know if 6.0 instances will be like 5.8 adma/ttc/dl/fp or not but I'm prefer not to dying and not get quest/loot more than doing great dps with greatsword and I need to plan out my stigmas.

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