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I’m finally in a position to begin working on my PVE set more heavily. What are the hard stats I need to be decent DPS in FM? 1300 attack/1400 crit unbuffed? I’m planning on plussing up my grey wolf accs, I just need to know what stats I should be aiming for.


Thank you!

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Those would be on the low side of the spectrum, methinks. I would say 1400-1500ATK and 1600crit unbuffed is far more ideal( I was running 1500atk/1700crit when FM first dropped and had a lot of issues being allowed into groups. . .) , and also lots of accuracy, but if you have a lot of precision socketed you should be reaching what you need naturally.  Graywolf neck and earrings plussed to +4 at least.  The defensive ones are very useful too, especially if you're running in a group without an actual plate.  Being a tanky af in that instance is NOT a bad thing in the least.  I often run with a plate hat for the enmity increase, versus decrease as it can help keep the aggro from dancing around so much when there is not a plate present.  

Socket rune knife for FM.  You'll thank me.  

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I believe the crit cap for FM is around 1300-1450. 

Instead of answering with a straight value for attack, Your weapons should be at least +10-15 harvester if not master harvester. Your armor should be +10-15 apollon / harvester / master harvester with at least +6 power stones, maybe attack 6 crit 9's for some pieces depending on what you slot. You could even use your PVP armor for higher stats, but you will be squishier in PVE. With what I mentioned and greywolf accessories you should have at least 1400 attack with a good amount of PVE attack and that's plenty to do FM with.

The rest is you knowing how to DPS and proving you can do good DPS so you will actually get invited.

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