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Ranger Aether Arrow - How to remove debuff?


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Aether Arrow: deals [Weapon Min]~[Weapon Max] physical damage to a target within 30 meters and decreases its maximum MP by 75%.

How can a player remove the "decreases its maximum MP by 75%." affect? How long should it last?

The other day someone was able to re-set max MP to 100% in just a few seconds (affectively making Aether Arrow worthless).  It was the only player I have seen remove the Aether Arrow debuff so quickly.

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It doesnt apply a debuff, it simply drains their mana by 75%
Aether Arrow is typically only useful against Transforms, as the mana pool that they have is significantly high, whilst if you were to use this skill against, for example, another Ranger, which would only have a mana pool of around 5-6k, they could restore that mana with just Regular/AP pots,

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