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Enchanting Upgraded AP weapon

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Hi, I just managed to get my 118 soulstones to upgrade my weapon, so slow since I can only get soulstones from EC (I haven't found any group to get me to Frozen Monolith so there goes my soulstones)

So I took the weapon to +15 again and then it kept going to +16 100% of the times and 9 out of 10 times it went back to +15 when I tried to put another stone. I finally managed to get it to +17.

I know the system, every 5 enchants, you get  safe enchant pad, which is the only reason people can enchant this up to +30 or something.

So to all +30 people (or more) how many omegas did it take you approximately? I have plenty of omegas, more than 100, and those 100 omegas could be sold for more than 10 billion. Yes RNG is the only thing I am playing against, I am just asking for an estimation or your horror stories about enchanting and failing.

P.S. is there any trick you have to do like jump 3 times, open and close the inventory three times, drink a potion, do the /dance emotion and then enchant? (I am joking, but seriously any trick :D )

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Well since I took my weapon as much as +28 I have to say that consequent enchants are a sure fail. This is not pure RNG, it is an algorithm, if you haven't enchanted in many days it seems to favor the success, if you enchant a lot, the moment it breaks, you should stop, it will keep breaking.

This is why everyone keeps complaining about RNG, because it is not a pure randomized procedure, it is an algorithm meant to make you fail.


In short, enchant once every few days, not a guarantee to succeed, but if you put 100 omegas one after another your weapon might have not been able to get +5 enchants at all.

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1 hour ago, Nyali-DN said:

Uhm I heard that some people use Shining stones to +10 and then omegas all the way. Not really working for me though... Has anyone tried it? o: I assume omegas are the saver way but it's expensive...

With my 80AP and Master Harv gear (aka the unbreakable gears), I find that I can get to around +9 with shining enchantment stones and greater supps. After that, I fail repeatedly. I might get to +10 after a few fails. But generally, I will just start using only omegas and greater supps after +9. Even then, I still fail sometimes. My RNG is pretty bad though; I regularly roll 1 on loot lmao. Sounds like you also have bad RNG haha.

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