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Frozen Monolith - Asmodian Katalam

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Hey, I have never been on that although I am 75 lvl and pretty dressed to kill (graywolfs to +7, harvesters etc).

Are there any people that want to go there but can't find a group? Maybe we should make a group and try it, the instance is not just shoot shoot shoot, it requires you to do things timely so it requires some practice alright.

So I am an Asmodian in Katalam server, I am a sorcerer. What would be good is you to be 75 lvl with some good enough gear. This instance is not a safe zone for anyone, it is end game instance and it is pretty tight, if you are lower than 73 lvl for example, you will have a level penalty and you also need to have good resistance in pve and high HP because the boss does insane dmg, you need to withstand those hits.

1x Sorc (me :D )
1x Cleric is essential with good support heal specs
1x Templar is probably necessary to keep the agro
1x Chanter would be very good for buffs, mantras and all the resistances etc. (but if we do not find one it is OK I guess)

The other two slots will have to be someone with good dps and survivability.
I assume we will need some sort of voice communication, at least for the start and we should all see that video posted on youtube, explaining all the mechanics.

I have the strange feeling, a lot of people want to do it but can't, we could at least try and expect to even fail the first time.

And this


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16 hours ago, Arxaggelos-KT said:

Actually 2x clerics are probably needed. and yeah being 75 lvl is probably essential as well

If your main cleric is a 1st timer, yes, but other than that nope. You can solo heal it. The only issue you might have is when you get paralyzed but that's why it's good to have a chanter or SW with ya since both are decent DPS too. :3

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8 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

I have never done FM with two clerics. Our usual set up for heals is cleric/chanter or cleric/sw.

To my way of thinking, FM is all about coordination. Being in voice chat and communicating makes things much much smoother.

Thanks for the information. It is just I saw the above videos and realized that the dmg done is too much and if something goes wrong a 2nd cleric would come handy. Of course if you are used to do it, then maybe 1 cleric and one support should be enough.

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Agreed, I've found cleric/chanter to be a good setup. Or cleric/sw, I guess, but I haven't been in that scenario since I'm the chanter in question lol. The boss reminds me of the 1st boss in BoS. Hits really hard, but gives the cleric a few seconds in between to get everyone's HP back up. So while I have support stigmas in and am shielding, I don't find myself having to stop and actually heal very often. So I just have my dps gear and hybrid essences. Idk, would depend on how good your cleric is, I guess.

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