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Stigma NPC dialog & function @ Redemption Landing

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The Redemption Landing's stigma master npc named Vastaros  can't enchant  stigmas for some reason and sometimes it speaks "Azphelumbra" (thats an asmodian line not an elyos line, similar issue happens at the abyss's artifact & outpost Npcs)

Suggestion regarding a certain cleric stigma:
The Cleric Stigma  "Power Sprint" says it has a mana upkeep cost and that it can be de-activated,  yet it only lasts for 15 sec and consumes the mp cost once (2% of the total mp or so it says ), now tell me, who would de-activate a 15  sec speed buff? no one xD!  its a useless feature, better if u just place the correct mp cost value and remove the "mana upkeep" which is a total lie cause it just drains the usage cost once :P 

Ty for the time of whoever read this :D

Edited by Zaphireia-DN

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