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What if 4.8 didn't happened how you would reshape Aion ?


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If it's up to me first I would keep sarpan tia katalam danaria.

Mad leveling in 5.0 shouldn't happened archdaeva and transform shouldn't happened.
I'll rise max level to 70 make sure leveling is like 60-65.And all archdaeva skills turn into normal skills between lv 66-70.
I'll add BM pvp items lv 70 including accessories so everyone can pvp within weeks.I'll make all gears not break but untradeable.
I'll keep skills rebalancing from 4.8
Levinshor/Kaldor will not existed.all instances in them will be access by Illuma/Nosvord.
I'll not add aetherforge instead I will add new designs to old crafting professions.
I'll keep character creation and luna from 5.0 and I also keep custom skill chain from 5.3.
Since AM/EF still here I'll not add SAM.
I'll close katalam/danaria/tia forts (trust me we had too many sieges back in 4.x era)
I'll keep inggison/gelk forts open so people can keep farming skins.
Since we don't have to farm exp madly I'll keep upper forts open too.
I'll create level 70 kahrun gears that needs both AC and kahrun to buy so sarpan/tia being active.
I'll add new furniture design for housing also add a lot of features for housing such mannequin for cloth showing,dummy for training,crafting table and increase furniture limits and more housing zones.
Coalition is removed.This is proven too much abused.

I believed by doing this people would have a lot more free time to pvping crafting hunting farming instead exping forever everyone will have fun.If I miss anything forgive me ;)


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...I would have hated that way more.

If 4.8 had not happened and we could make our own...


  • I would have gone ahead and made all the skill revamps that came with the official 4.8, with a few exceptions such as having nerfed Gunners way too much, or a couple of skills that shouldnt have been removed or merged.
  • Close fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggison.
  • Make Wealhtheow's Keep sieges fairer for the whole league.
  • Up Panesterra's limit to 150 people per faction (though that would probably crash everyone's computer)
  • Scrap out letter-based enchantment stones and implement the 5.0 enchantment stone system (single Enchantment Stone and Omegas)
  • Nerf Levinshor camps in terms of their captain's HP, maybe increase the value of Blood Marks by adding special items to their vendors.
  • Logically, no Enshar/Cygnea.
  • Add quests that begin a search across Balaurea for Beritra's location, we instead discover an hanger full of Invasion bosses and fight our way into Beritra's control room (maybe a revamped Sheba as well), we fight him in his Drakan and Dragon form, and he escapes without his claw.


  • Some stuff, not sure. Maybe move UAS/AS entrance somewhere else.
  • Disable Lower Layer fortresses for good.
  • Other than that, keep most of it.
  • Make it so that instead of Ereshkigal being freed from DD, Beritra finds her in the deepest parts of Kaldor. The cutscene could be like both of them surging from the lake of lava as two majestic beasts. Ereshkigal then freeze Reshanta and so on.


  • New level cap: 70.
  • Levelling would not be as grindy of course. Keep the Essence system and its character enhancing, and adding all Archdaeva skills in one go.
  • Not implementing exploding or tradeable gear.
  • Add Norsvold/Iluma, under other names and themes in Balaurea, mimicking Crapalam's system. Using Spinel Coins as Blood Marks, giving basic but decent PvP set. Maybe merging them together into one big map.
  • Removing special stuff from BM vendors and giving them to the Spinel Coin vendors for a similar ratio.
  • Remove SC (moving BT entrance to the other 2.0 areas or something), remove ID (moving entrances somewhere else).
  • Remove some now-useless instances, like Azoturan Fortress, Indratu Fortress, Alquimia, or making them solo versions at least. Maybe Padma as well.
  • Downing Steel Rake, FT, Adma and TL to solo instances.
  • Spinel Medals, level 70 Abyss gear. 
  • Luna Shop, because, why not.
  • Up "Beritra's Hangar" and DLR to level 70.
  • New instances, probably a few randoms ones relating to the Norsvold-Iluma hybrid region's tribes.
  • Upping all fortresses to level 70.

Between 5.1 and 5.5:

  • Maybe Muse's secondary subclass. :P
  • Disable Hearts siege, add a bunch of Reian guards everywhere in Tiamaranta to show how they have taken control of it.
  • disable 
  • New stronger Abyss gear, level 70.
  • Implement Minions, but leaving them for high level characters only. No Kerubs, and no OP Grade As, just normal.
  • Add the AoE-CoE-ToE trilogy one patch at a time.
  • Implement Dredgion Defense, Bastion of Souls, Mirash Sanctum and Frozen Monolith, one patch at a time as well (except for the last two, those go together).
  • New battlegrounds, probably doing the all the ones we have now.


  • Client getting full of irrelevant areas... Yes, tough decision. I could KEEP them and add like some optional fast forward that takes them to up to 5.0 content or something, or an easy way for everyone to know where to go to level up (much like what the real 6.0 has). Or revamp the entirety of low level content, but that would be a significant effort, and even then I would still lose some quests and items. That said, a revamp of low level areas wouldnt be too bad. Like making Brusthonin less contaminated, Heiron properly restored, Reian capital growing, etc.



Oh, and at some point, add housing to more areas.

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I agree with most of points that @Bryos-DN had said except with this:

  1. I would have increased the level cap to 75 but instead to take one year to reach it, i would have make it in a way it would only take a few months to reach it.
  2. I would have make Cygnea and Enshar one big map (as you can see in the world map they are next to each other) instead of two different ones, and would have add a fort between them where the wining faction could go to Drackenspire Depths, of course that big map would have safe áreas like Katalam for the players who are leveling.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Here I got some idea how to rewrite the stories.

Somewhere in between 6.x both elyos and asmo got defeated by balaur their capitals are now in ruin.Hero(player) use the time relic to travel to the past to 4.x era
Kahrun learns about the broken of alliance and Berita plan to destroy Tiamat instead killing Tiamat like original timeline,Kahrun captures her and captures all 4 hearts including inggison/gelk forts too.With Tiamat still alive Berita can't proceed the plan to destroy Sarpan (lv55-60 leveling) and Tiamatrantra(lv60-65 leveling) but there're an ocean weave wiping Katalam and Danaria (Yes it's beloved maps but it's nothing really there beside BM camps I don't see why we should keep it)

Levinshor becomes BM farming map(with same rate and easy as Katalam/Danaria) and more BM camps,Kaldor is same,Cygnea/Enshar still pop up but not in replace of sarpa/tia and become level 65-70 Illuma become level 70-75 leveling zone.Lukum become lv 75-80 zone.Now we gotta change leveling we keep lv 10 gold gears and lv 55 mythic gears but we upgrade and update apperances of all coins gears. 

Iron Coin = Accessories grade gold
Broze Coin =  Wings/Plumes +3
Silver Coin =  Weapons/Armors grade eternal
Gold Coin = Accessories grade eternal
Platinum Coin = Wings/Plumes +6
Mithril Coin = Accessories grade Mythic
Kahrun Coin = Wings/Plumes +10 and selling Ville skins/Kahrun skins
Ancient Coin = Weapons/Armors lv70

Removing pale blue quests and make players need to explore entire map and do every dark blue quest incluing yellow one every quest is soloable and no pvp/rifting until players enter Lukum.I believed this will create all activity on all maps let people exploring world without worry.

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