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FM Cleric Tip (Pelida + Ascension fun party)

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Today afther thinking a bit of time of some strategies for when both palida and ascension appears, I came up with an idea that I put into practice. Usually thats the part where most parties struggle with inside FM, usually do to uncoordinated team members or lack of dps, or even both. So I think about something that I have experienced. The ascension puts a buff in a random party member that gives him 300k+ hp so he can withstand the slay of the mob, but the addition of pelida usually yields an increase in stress so the party has a harder time. They have to decide if killing the ascension first before pelida appears, you need high dps to kill both before the boss kills everyone, or make the person with the hp buff lure ascension away from the party. But the mob is kinda wonky and ignores that person, so he goes afther the rest of the party. Usually that takes away 2 or 3 team mates away from pelida and the rest is unable to kill it in time.

But afther the boss cast his damage skill I notice that the person with the hp buff is usually alive but dies afther the boss cast his earth shatter skill, because that skill deals % Hp damage, so he dies aftherwards. But if the cleric cast acquital (2k DP) before dying from the boss charged skill that person can be healed and survives both hits, so the rest of the party can ress up and keep damaging the boss without it resseting. But the ascension mob has to be death before attemting this little tip. I did it today and work out quite nice. Also the cleric needs to have self ress from stone or from Hands of ressurection or his Brilliant Protection (4k DP) or the SW one, can't recall the name but is a 4k skill. 

I hope to keep practicing the tip and leave your feedback so we can do this better.

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That's a nice way to help out lower DPS groups and the group I was with came up with the same solution. We did this last weekend since we had a few of our alts in it which weren't that geared like our main toons. It worked out well but needs practice within the group and being on voice is a plus for sure. Oh and our cleric was the one pulling the Ascension mob and everyone else was DPSing Pelida. Thankies for sharing! :3

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