@Londonrain-DN I'm the OP of this thread. Since it was posted a couple months ago, I've tried several things since then. Here is what I found to help IMMENSELY. It does not complete rid me of sendlogs, but now instead of sendlogging 1-2 times per day, I only sendlog 1-2 times per week. I have put my graphics settings back where they were, and instead of lowering them, I've changed my graphics card's battery usage. My card (Nvidia GTX 1050) was auto-set to battery save mode in the Nvidia control panel. This prevents Aion from exceeding 30fps. I have turned it to max battery usage mode because I always have my laptop plugged in. Now Aion can go up to 100fps if it wants (although that only happens on FTS; standard server in Norsvold keeps me around 40-50 lol). I don't know why because I'm not a techy, but that has greatly diminished the amount of sendlogs I get. Give it a try! Regarding how long it takes to get back online after a sendlog, there is a fix for that. See this video below and then here are my added comments to it, copy-pasted from a FB thread I commented on earlier today lol:  "To add, inside the config file, the number after "NormalStop=" should be 1. (It will be 0 if you have sendlogged.) So you will need to start and end your client so that you have a clean log, which will make it say NormalStop=1. If it says NormalStop=0, you'll still have the loading screen. So make sure it says 1 before you set it to readonly.

Also, this will not prevent the client from showing the loading bar on Wednesdays after maintenance. It will still show then. It only prevents it after improper closure of the client (sendlogs)."