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Type of Maps


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As most have noticed, certain patches create maps that distribute activities, such as PvP, differently. My question is, which do you prefer the most? I know that it is not the only factor, such as mob placement, incentives, etc. But just look at it from the maps' terrain and shape.

Rift Maps

Two separated maps, PvP happens in both. Take as example all regions in Elysea and Asmodae. However, you are locked from accessing the other faction's land by rifts expiring and limited entries, creating these dead times in which you are waiting for a rift to appear. You are also nyerked if you die without a kisk.

Rifts and Connected Maps

The only example we have is Inggison and Gelkmaros. Main way to access the other are rifts. However, even outside rift hours, people can still move around by going through Silentera Canyon. Personally, it would be preferable if there was no corridor map, but still physically connected.

Shared Maps (v1)

If you consider Gelk/Inggy PvE maps and SC the PvP one, it could also apply to this category as well, but I am thinking mainly about Tiamaranta and Tiamaranta's Eye. Tiamaranta would be the PvE map (not counting conflict areas and Kahrun’s Will downtime) and the Eye the PvP one (not counting "PvE-only Eye" days). Due to being shared, more chances to find each other, in both good and bad terms depending on the region. I honestly enjoy this  setup the most as it allows you to choose between both activities instead of forcing you to accept both.

Shared Maps (v2)

Everything together, shoved into one same region. Namely, the Katalam regions, Levinshor and the 6.0 region. Once again, greater chances for encounters, but it will be PvP all the time.

So, what type of map do you all like the moat? Or, what new type of map would you like to see?

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IMO, Shared (v1) strikes a good balance, assuming it's designed well. I remember 3.0 PvPers actually complained a lot about Tiamaranta's Eye because it was too confined of a space and caused zerg PvP rather than allowing for smaller-scale battles like we saw in 4.0 Katalam/Danaria. Kahrun's Will weakening was also nice, but the fact that it happened at a set time meant that NA PvPers that enjoyed open-world would have to wait until the later hours of the day to take advantage of it and Oceanic PvE players got the shaft all day. I liked it because it allowed people from opposing factions to talk to each other and duel in peace without resorting to hopping on an alt just to rubbish talk or call each other out in LFG to set up a spot to fight (not that people didn't do that anyway). I also liked that it fostered teamwork to some extent. Faction alliances trying to steal the weekly quest mobs off each other was always interesting, and seeing large groups of people running around always made the world feel livelier. Most importantly, as you said, it allowed for freedom of choice (for the most part). I won't deny that PvPers got the short end of the stick with 3.0, but it was satisfying to be around the other faction without having to fight them all the time.  

The biggest issue with all the Rift and Shared (v2) maps that we've been given is that all the action seems to be concentrated in specific areas rather than encouraging people to spread out and explore. Assuming they could fix that, Shared (v2) seems to be what a lot of people would consider to be the "Goldilocks" maps.

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