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When 6.0 finally hits the NA servers, we will no longer be able to use the Construction craft to decorate our homes. I would like to request that our development team add the following NPCs to our Servers so that we can buy the furniture and souvenirs that we used to be able to craft:

  • Crafted Construction Merchant
  • Elyos/Asmodian Housing Construction Merchant
  • Elyos/Asmodian Housing Merit Construction Merchant

If housing is important to you as a player, please add your support to this idea to help it gain attention.


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Of all the crafts being removed, construction crafts seem to be the only logical ones to keep around. Consumables, weapons and armor are always being replaced by something new and updated, but housing never changes. I've tried asking for information on whether construction items were added to merchants in 6.0, but of course such information is hard to come by. Really hope they think to keep the items around.

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