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Furniture Paints for Events/BCM/Etc (not in game ones)


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Hi @Cyan i have a little suggestion for event rewards or special sale on BCM or anyway to bring this items to the game, is about the Paints for Furniture. We have around 6 colours by gathering them on Oriel flowers, then more than 1 year ago we got some extra colours from events, but is been a while way too long since we got extra colours for Furniture, also there are some new colours that we never had avaliable for us. They are:

Paint: Lemon: [item: 169120046]
Paint: Imperial Blue [item: 169120043]
Paint: Scarlet Red [item: 169120037]

And the colours we got from old events, that arent avaliable anymore are:

Paint: Steel Blue [item: 169120042]
Paint: Wine [item: 169120036]
Paint: Sky Blue [item: 169120041]
Paint: Pale Pink [item: 169120035]
Paint: Mustard [item: 169120006]
Paint: Mint [item: 169120038]
Paint: Dark Green [item: 169120039]
Paint: Espresso [item: 169120045]
Paint: Beige [item: 169120044]

I really hope we can get these ^^

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The first three paints you listed I'd absolutely love to have added to the game. :) I believe the bottom list of paints are already available in-game, however? I've read that you can acquire them through the use of a Furniture Paint Guestbloom, but you can only purchase the bloom if you own a house (not a studio). I've never owned a house so I might be mistaken.

I really don't see any reason why we can't have furniture paint added as a reward during events.

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