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There is a cap of how much kinah you can get from selling stuff to merchants per week, only up to 113m kinah (for highest level characters). The limit applies to all characters in the same account. It resets every week.

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1. There is now a daily upper limit for the amount of Kinah that players can earn by selling items to an NPC. Trying to sell items that will cause you to exceed this limit will result in an error message.
  The Kinah limit increases with character level.
  All characters on an account share the same Kinah pool, so if you reach the limit on one character you cannot use another character on that account to sell the items.
  The limit is reset every day at midnight (server time).
  This does not affect trade between characters (Trade Broker, Private Store, Private Trade).

Per: http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Patch+Notes+


Don't NPC everything, broker scrolls and materials you can't use, NPC low to mid level gear and junk items, the rest have better uses or sell on broker.

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