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Illusion Godstone: Nataraz’s Curse - is it worth it?


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Testing on my main (I gave this to an alt and did a duel)
There is defo a bad translation, it doesn't decrease physical attack debuff and spell debuff, or whatever that means. It reduces your p.def and m.sup.

I am not sure how good this would be to be used by a p.attack user but for a magic boost class to use it, it would increase the dmg of all spells


As I say above, the m.supp is lowered less probably because my m.suppression is the outcome of both knowledge stones, but also my armor's and accessories' attributes. I am almost sure it affects the base m.suppression that is attributed by the base stats (knowledge in this case) and it excludes the bonuses I get from everything else.

I will have to take tests against an alt that has no knowledge manastones.

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Alright this seems to clear things up a little bit:


My base p.def is 1.583 and the 163 is some additional p.def bonuses I have from some stats
My base m.sup is 1.638 and the 1.809 is from bonuses.

So that makes sense, the number it is affected, is the white one. Int his case

Base p.def:
1.583 * 35% = 554,05 this should be my reduction.
My total p.def went from 1.751 to 1.198, which is obviously 1.751 - 554 = 1.197, the +/-1 difference must be some rounding that we do not see.

Base m.suppression:
1.638 *35% = 573,3 and this should be my reduction
My total m.suppression went from 3.447 to 2.874 and once again 3.447 - 573 = 2.874

Now I'll make the test to an alt character that has no less stats. The character also doesnt' wear any good armor.




Changing Knowledge stats, either by manastones or essence, changes the Green letter, so the more Knowledge you have, the least effective this godstone should be since it only affects your base magic suppression while the knowledge magic suppression is not affected.

Also I couldn't take any damage tests, my m.boost is far higher than her m.suppression so my m.boost bonus on her is already capped with or without the debuff.

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Note: the reason you see the change in the green text, is because the green text indicated the alteration of the base stat, in this case additional bonuses or debuffs are shown there.

If the debuff is a lower number than the bonuses then the green text is still green and the base stat doesn't look to change, if the debuff number is bigger than the green text then there is no green text left and you see your base stat with red letters.

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Let's compare the text translation of this godstone between NA and EU.

The godstone itself:


  • NA: Illusion Godstone: Nataraz’s Curse    
  • EU: Illusion Godstone: Ragnarok's Curse


  • NA: Imbues a weapon with a 7% chance to decrease physical attack and spell debuff by 35% for 10 seconds. The godstone will be destroyed when the effect ends. Double-click (or right-click) to activate, then select an item to socket.  
  • EU: Adds a weapon effect that reduces the target's physical defence and magic suppression by 35% for 10 seconds with 7% probability. Is destroyed when all the buff effects are used. Activate the Godstone by double-clicking (right-click) and then select the item you want to enhance.

The proc effect:


  • NA: Reduces defense and spell    
  • EU: Reduce Physical Defence and Magic Suppression


  • NA: 7% chance to reduce the target’s physical defense and spell debuff by 35% for 10 seconds.     
  • EU: Reduces the target's physical defence and magic suppression by 35% for 10 seconds with 7% probability.

So EU skill description is more accurate compared to NA.


As for the godstone durability:


Does this means that after 3915 times of proccing, the godstone will always break?


And generally, any percentage buffs apply on base (white) stats only, not on green bonus stats, and not including white primary stats (power, health, agility, precision, knowledge, will). For stats from equipment, only the white stats count toward percentage bonuses.

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