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XignCode Error


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After installing i see this information error cannot Regist XignCode Module i went and checked the forums on how to resolve it and i tried msconfig and disabling my firewall and nothing has changed.After sending in a ticket to try and resolve the issue i got a response saying that 'The authentication server detected a change in your IP address, and denied you entry because of a potential 'man in the middle' hacking attempt.' and also We've seen this problem happen on occasion for people using Wi-Fi on a campus network, or by routing through a proxy server. Our best solution at this point is to go through a wired connection, or find an access point with less traffic. i tried what they have told me were possible solutions as well as checking if i was connected to a proxy server and i wasn't or using a VPN. IF anyone has had any similar issues or any insight that could help me i would be grateful.

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