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Returning Templar, any help?


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Well, i used to play this game but since 4.9 i didn't get happy with the way this was going, and then i quitted.
Now i'm planning to return and see if i still can play, despite my job and school. I have a templar, level 68, using the remodeled archdaeva gear +5 and a GS+10 fusioned. For accs, i'm using the ereshkigal courage legion set (except the belt) and the reian fighter set. Then, my status is  Atk 1086, Acc 3.398, Crit 1.116 and HP 19k. Bad, isn't? I'm currently using yellow manastones because i don't have enough money to buy something better.
What should i do now? Farm and improve my actual gear? Pursue a new one? Leveling?

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Your gear is workable, but ideally you'd replace what you have with better items over time. What are you building towards, PvE or PvP?

Current attack and crit are decent (low), but your accuracy needs the most work. HP is also on the low side, but that'll come once you find a gear set to stick with and enchant. I'd say use what you have and level, and whatever gear you get from instances you can focus on enchanting. Try getting your hands on an Apollon set and either keep that or go one step further if time permits and get Harvester's.

If you have minimal play time, you're going to want to pick PvE or PvP and focus on one just so you're not swamped with options about what to improve first. Let us know what you decide so we can provide more specific advice.

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In that case, work on Adma, Theo Test Chamber, Drakenseer's Lair, FoO, and AoE whenever possible. You can use Labyrinth gear as a stepping stone to Apollon gear, but don't bother with enchanting them or using anything beyond +6 Archdaeva manastones on them. Start doing CoE once you're 70.

Do camps in Illuma/Norsvold to pick up Spinel coins and Gray Wolf Marks for Gray Wolf accessories. You can use Apollon accessories as placeholders.

I think stat-wise, you're okay for PvE, but someone else can give you the necessary numbers. Your HP and accuracy will definitely need to be higher for end-game instances.

IMO, weapon and accessories should be your priority since it helps you hold aggro, but others might disagree.

Spam Kromede's Revenge since it's here. The rewards are sure to help you along and make the gearing process more palatable.

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