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What Faction Should IChoose As A returining player


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Only Kahrun has more Asmodians than Elyos and even there there are only 20 or so more on on any given night. So if you want to help right an imbalance, go Asmodian. Asmodians have lost their claws and there is an option in the character creator to remove their back hair, so don't let aesthetics keep you for choosing Asmodian. The Asmodian areas, imo, provide a much nicer experience in leveling. Ishalgan (the starting area) received a rework with this last patch and is really beautiful. Lastly, Pandaemonium (the Asmodian main town) is head and shoulders superior to Sanctum (the Elyos main town). Sanctum is very spread out and makes little sense. Pandaemonium is compact and it is quick and easy to get everywhere you need to.

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