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Thanks for the years of fun.


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Dear Aion, Devs, CM's and Players. 

As much as I enjoy this game... It has come time to walk away from it.  I started playing aion as a CBT (Closed Beta Tester) I recall when this game was fun.. When it was hard and when people worked together to get stuff done. Sulfur Raids, Eastern and Western Siel forts were fun. The abyss was full , Rifting was fun.  People enjoyed playing the game.  There was no P2W or "Cash Shop" at that time. 

Lets go forward to 2.0-3.0 times. Gelk /Inggison raids were amazing. The player base was strong as ever and PvP was a plenty. Then everything started going down hill.  I really do feel that aion could have been such a good game if the Devs and Ncsoft cared about us and listened. But over and over we got screwed and there was never were sorry or let us make it up to you. The website and forums were broken for YEARS but I'll be dammed.... that cash shop sure worked 100% of the time. 


Then you guys brought the game back. You gave us Katalam and Danaria . People loved these maps, hell they even voted for them to be the Server names... and yet you deleted them due to "lore" and gave us what... 2  maps that noone likes at all.   After all of that.. People were still with this company... Then the last straw for many was when you all did they Tia Eye event.  People were coming back to the game. PvP was going on.  People that had not played in years had the chance to gear up and catch up to people who played the game with a credit card. Then you decided. Lets not raise the prices of everything but 2 or 5 or even 10... you did a 20-25 times increase on items and you expected the player base to be  "okay with it".          Most people are wanting to leave your game not because of Aion, But because of you the mods, the CC's,Cm's and the GM's that post copy and paste answers to peoples tickets.  


Personally I've tried to quit this game before but kept coming back. Today I made sure that won't happen again.    As most players on Katalam know, I will be going to Bless Online.  Not because of hackers or the people with Massive E-peens that play. It's because of how you "Ncsoft" treat us.    I could care less if it's Minecraft or hello kitty adventure. As long as it's not Ncsoft I'll gladly support it.   


 I wish you all the best ... With love... 

Sincerely,  Voxer,Intelligence,TekTonic,LadyAngelica,TQQkay.     

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No idea who you are, but I hope you have fun.

I haven't been following news of that particular game, but hopefully it lives up to the hype (although countless other games have been hyped the same way and floundered).

I agree NC treatment is pretty bad. I played S4 League briefly but never dealt with Neowiz itself, so hopefully their support team/CMs are good to you.

That said, I have the feeling that there's always going to be some hoops you're going to have to jump through when playing Korean games. It's just the nature of the business since their dev teams will always cater to their own demographic before worrying about what Western audiences think about their product. 

In the interest of fairness, maybe report back once the honeymoon period is over.

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11 hours ago, TQQKay-KT said:

 I wish you all the best ... With love...

Apparently they're doing well!


Less players remained/more server merged (yesterday there were 74 players online...), another one incoming in EU, but the ones who still play, pay more than the old casual players.

I don't believe that US/EU generate important income, so probably the new cash shop in Korea provides much more money than the old subscription model. Which means: players need stuff from the shop.

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