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Aion Staff refused to give me Divine Siege Rewards


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Hello guys! I'm creating a thread because this is the first time since the come back of the Divine Siege that it happens to me.
Sometimes we conquer Divine Siege, but GP and rewards don't show up because of a bug, or if you're not inside the fortress like flipping arctifacts etc.. Like everyone, I  always send a ticket so the GMs can check my activities/logs and then restore the rewards to me.
Last night I got this message:



Medals and GP are received for successfully attacking or defending fortresses after killing the siege boss. The rewards you receive are based on which fortress is involved and the grade you receive during the siege. The grade is determined by your contributions and actions during the battle. Your siege grade can't be viewed directly. The number of Glory Points acquired during the siege can give you a rough indication of how you did, but GP earned doesn't necessarily correspond entirely with siege ranking. For AP, it can be earned based on how you performed on siege as this is acquired when killing boss mobs in the fort. Please also note that there are a limited number of rewards issued per siege and . If the number of participants exceeds the maximum number of rewards issued, it's possible to participate and not receive a reward.

We can only suggest contributing as much as you can, avoid death at all costs, and resurrect or help heal your allies as these are also factors in how siege grades are calculated. If you would like to suggest changes to this system, I encourage you to post your thoughts on the Suggestion Box section of the official Aion forums. The forums can be found at this link: https://forums.aiononline.com/

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


GM Buuj


This is oddly strange since Divine Siege is a major siege that easily fits for 600+ players and last night not event half of it showed up.


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If they rewarded you on previous occasions, your best chance is to just keep trying until you get a competent GM instead of one that just copies and pastes form replies. Look through your previous replies and find the GM that helped you. Maybe add Attn: (GM name) as your ticket title to get their attention.

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And once again we see Support using out of date information!

Where to start..

  1. There are no longer defenses in sieges.
  2. You don't have to kill the boss to take a fort.
  3. There are no longer "grades" or levels of rewards. Everyone on the winning side receives the same reward.. even if they don't hit a single mob. They just have to be near the fort during the siege. The losing side will also all receive the same losing rewards as long as they make the minimum number of points for rewards. If they do not, they will receive nothing.
  4. AP, GP and number of deaths has nothing to do with the rewards.

Support not only blows and has zero idea how things work in Aion right now (or ever!), but they are totally hit and miss. As @Forgotten-DN said, open a new ticket until you get a GM that isn't a total window licker.

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