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Omega Enchantmentstones on the BCM

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I think Omega Enchantment Stones should be a permanent addition to the BCM. With the release of 5.6 the amount of omegas we need to +15 has roughly doubled, while the in-game drop rate for omegas remains as low as ever (bar contaminated underpath which is great, but not very reliable). With incredibly easy to obtain PvE gear and of course the guaranteed success when enchanting below +15, I guess a lot of people are trying enchant their items. Thus there is a huge demand for omegas, but no supply. Having omegas on BCM however keeps the price low for everyone. It saves you from buying other shop items and selling those for often inferior prices and spamming lfg for hours. Or greatly reduces the cost if you are buying them from the broker and saving you from hours of tedious kinah farming - kinah which could be used elsewhere. To my knowledge all other regions have had omegas in their shops for years, except NA. So please do consider adding them permanently. To me it seems like a win-win, players can get cheap and easy omegas, while you get extra store purchases. Thanks.

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Adding omega enchantment stones to the BCM would be a good addition to the BCM. It would allow NC workers to make more money and allow players to have more Omegas for better gear enchantment. even making them t a higher price than Tempering solutions would be a good idea since they are in higher demand, but it seems to be easier to get a tempering solution than an omega enchantment stone in game at the moment.  Making them untradeable would make it so that flooding the Broker would not happen, but would allow more P2W into the game; making them tradeable would increase the playing field's fairness among players, especially those who are new to the game and don't know how to get hundreds of millions to billions of kinah before the next update that leaves them in the dust of others.

maybe this will spark some interest in the minds of NC? (or at least change the boxes in the BCM that still contain stupid Epilson and amplification stones...) -_- 

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