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Static flux


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Hi, I love crafting too. Fluxes that show static in their names are discontinued and can no longer be obtained anywhere (except for other players who may still have them and are willing to sell). So for now it’s just weapon, armor and accessory flux that’s available ingame.

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All items with the (Static) tag on their name means they cannot be obtained anymore. This comes from a few updates ago, in which every raw crafting material had different tiers. For instance, an ore, like Mithril gathered from nodes in open world, came in the following shapes:

  • Mithril Ore (normal)
  • Greater Mithril Ore
  • Pure Mithril Ore
  • Brilliant Mithril Ore

Logically, the higher the tier, the better its value and higher rarity. Some recipes would require strictly a specific tier of this ore. You could also break down higher tiers into their lower tier. Fluxes were a different story.

It remained like this until one day, crafting was simplified. All tiers were removed from their respective sources, only leaving the most basic ones to acquire. For example, you can only acquire "Mithril Ore" from nodes and merchants, and all Greater, Pure and Brilliant cannot be obtained in any way. They can still be broken down into their basic tiers (except for fluxes! Sucks...). Logically, since static items cannot be obtained anymore, the recipes that required them were adapted to also include a version that only asks for items that you can actually acquire (most basic tier). You can still use old recipes, if you have static items, but the materials are really difficult to come by nowadays, as it's been literally years since they were around.

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