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@Cyan/Hime -Lags, spikes & disconnections-


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Hello all :)

I have been dealing with a lot of weird things the last 3-4 months - maybe more - and i need some help to figure out what's going on.  Everytime i join sieges or a PvP instance server (KBF, IWW, Evergale Canyon, Arenas) i get huge lag spikes, my screen freezes, my ping goes nuts, movement and skills are either not applying or applying with a big delay etc. Although i have submitted tickets in the past about this, run Game Advisor as the Support team advised me, tried the Siege Optimization option, checked for any new driver updates, made a full antivirus search, reseted my router, called my ISP and checked the router for errors, even called a technician to check my phoneline, nothing seems to be working. My system specs are not the best to manage a heavy game as Aion, but i am playing since 4.5 and i never had game issues like this before, so i can't figure out why is this happening and what 's the cause of all of them. Is it me? Is it a graphics issue? A hard disk issue? A memory consumption issue? Or is it a server sided problem? I tried to format my computer as well since that worked in the past, but not anymore. Not to mention the disconnections which are turning to be a daily basis thing, the crashes, the send log requests etc. I have been also wondering if the combat info windows are in any way burdening the situation. 

It has come to my attention that lately more and more people are complaining about the disconnections/lag spikes and the server's instability in general. If i remember right, Ele from TM-E made a post recently about a mass disconnection while they were killing the Invasion boss in illuma. I assume that the Support team is already aware of these issues, which are becoming more and more common lately. Can we have an official reply or a different troubleshooting from you, besides the known 'run Game Advisor exe'?

If anyone else has been dealing with the same problems and managed to find a solution in order to make the game smoother, please don't hesitate to comment. Share your experiences/POV, we might solve this out by ourselves, because it seems like things for me and a lot of other players are in a dead end when the game with each update is becoming more and more unplayable in gameplay terms.

Every kind of help/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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It's not just you. It's everyone. I lowered my settings to low-medium (which I should not have needed to do as I played medium-high before), but that didn't make a difference. Also, the FPS is so random. I'll be 45fps and then 18fps the next second, just standing still in Norsvold. Also, I do not run anything else on my computer when I'm playing Aion. No websites in the background, no torrent downloads, no background programs, nothing.

But yeah. The send log client crashes and disconnects are getting worse. :(

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