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trying to come back to the game is aion dead?


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It is hard to say. Many people will have a different perspective depending on whether you have friends to play with or not.

I logged in for the first time since merge week and i would say the player base is down 2/3s of what it was after the merge for KT-Elyos. This also may mean that majority of the people that still play put them selves on invisible so you can not find them.


If you check the group finder 5-16 groups at 1 time going looking for event groups. At the least the event seems very active.

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it seems to be most active on night times,like from 8-11 pm eastern especially on fridays.

and idk why this happens but it seems like everyone dissapears after level 10 :/ like poeta and ishalgen usually have alot of people but idk what happens  because verteron and altgard are always empty compared to poeta and ishalgen... sooo idk what happens to all the people but you start to notice less people around the end of poeta/ishalgen than the begenning 

while leveling after level 20 you start to notice a lot less players, but thats because everyone is really high leveled at this point and the fact that theres so many maps

once you hit like level 60 (i forgot what level you get to iluma/norsvold) and get to iluma and norsvold (or just iluma atleast because ive never been to norsvold) its realllly packed. and also the capital cities are packed. but you will quickyl notice by going to the capital cities that the majority of people are high leveled.

around 6/10 asmodians i see (im leveling one right now to try it out) are on the danaria server while 4/10 are on the katalam

around 8/10 elyos i see (i main one) are on the katalam server while 2/10 are on danaria 

the population will change when 6.0 hits because alot of players and potential players are waiting fot it to release. also theyre removing maps so you will fell less lonely while leveling.


TLDR :  its not dead, but it feels dead at certain times 

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Yep, 1- 10 you have company 10- well 60, not much. 60 + steadily more people and 70+ busy game up there. Evenings are busiest, but with summer vacation now here or soon here in some place, that is likely to change and, earlier times will be busier as well. 

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