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Returning Gladiator coming for advice

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Hi, i just returned after years. I farmed up this event like no tomorrow and manage to get duals harvester and apollon gear for PVE si i think i'm covered in PVE BUT my pvp gear is almost none, only got my +15 longtooth ext polearm.


I order to pvp, i can manage to buy prime +0 gear and a shadow spear +15. My question is, with that gear i will be able to have some fun in PVP or i will be destroyed  instantly everytime by people with more gear than me? I don't wanna be on the top i just wanna have pvp fun while waiting for 6.0, i know the gear will be usseless but i won't last playing for so long if i don't PVP from time to time. Thanks for reading :3

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