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Larxe art thread! or something like it.

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Updated slowly. "rly slowly" I'll post any art pieces here, digital and pencil and paper Aion fan art and other art things.

Some old pieces, Random cat girl





Cersei Lannister from GoT. Trying realism for practice!




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Drawing Cheesecake's character. I started last year and kind of abandoned it, but I really want to finish it now! When I look back it's nice to see the changes I've made in terms of shading. (Neither of them were/are finished btw)


Something I made for a friend from WoW, not Aion related, but whatevs.


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Art dump! Still working on Cheesecake's character......Not because I can't finish it faster but because I get distracted with other things and mental health has been up and down as well. ;/ But it should be finished this month at least.(I think)

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