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World boss and siege solution and maybe evergale.


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-Everyone can get rewards if boss/general/whatever dies.
-Least damage dealers get 10% chance for not having rewards at all.
-Healing someone who taking damage from boss also considered as damage dealer points
-You must kill boss within 15 mins or boss disappeared.
-If boss didn't die in 15 mins only people who reached certain points of damage points get rewards.

I believed it will solves all afkers problem and no need to kick afkers from ally/group.


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That's the way things are in GW2. One of the reasons I love that game. No groups needed. Do damage to the boss and you get credit -and- your own loot. (No ninja looting!)

In order for this to be implemented Korea would have to re-code all damage and healing scripts and that isn't going to happen. Because Korea.

It's a great idea though, @Neleth-KT.

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