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Coming back to the game


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last year I moved for school and my pc couldn’t follow me cause I didn’t have enough room sniff sniff :(  but now I moved again and I’m happy to announced that I picked an apartment with a big room just for my pc and it’s coming tomorrow woot woot ! 


Anyhow i missed a lot on content and I’m a little lost so I have a few questions

i have full harvester set with knowledge 6 , is that still good ?

ive seen people enchanting their pvp armor and weapon and they are not breaking when failing enchants . Is it new or it’s some sort of event ? (Not talking about the current event)

if the previous questions is indeed normal , what gear can I enchant without pooping my pants every enchant ?

and ill be looking for friends since I’m sure most of my friends left the game :( 


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When you played last, you could use an omega and greater supps and be guaranteed a success up until the max enchant of the gear (+15 usually). Without the omega and greater supps the gear would break if you failed the enchant.

Now once you purify that gear, it no longer breaks if you fail an enchant. BUT.. you are no longer guaranteed a success with an omega and greater supps.

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