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Hello. I havent played in a couple of months. Im a noob Lv. 73 chanter with crappy lv 65 gear. So now that im back, could you guys please tell me what to work for , i mean what do i get first (weap, accs, gear) what gear to get and all that stuffs.

Also would like to know if FoO is still the place to level up since im lacking 2 more levels. 

Thank you in advance :)

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Welcome back. :) Here are some general "I just came back" threads like yours with some ideas and info:


Here is some info about the current PVE gears:


Regarding PVP gear:

The current best PVP gear is 80AP Prime Commander. You get this by purifying the 75AP Prime Captain gear. In order to get the 75AP gear, you will need to either 1. buy it from the broker with kinah or 2. farm it out yourself by doing sieges and other activities in order to get the spinel medals and AP needed to buy it from the NPC in Marchutan/Kaisinel.



Yes, Fissure of Oblivion is still semi-useful. It is not the best way to level anymore though. The best ways to level are by running the 3-man instances: Adma (66), Theo (66), Drakenseer's Lair (69, and Fallen Poeta (72). These are very fast and easy to run, but they give a ton of XP. You can run them multiple times per week. You can also run your daily and weekly Luna instances for XP (pink moon icon by your skillbars).


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