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Fledgling Daeva armor is too boring

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My problem is that this armor (fledgling) is too OP and the game loses its feeling. The last time when I played Aion (about 6.0) the game was harder and more exciting. But now, I got this armor and the game is too easy. Have the game good points yet? I mean, will it be more exciting (eg. instances that I can't complete alone, pvp) in the higher levels?

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1.) You don't have to wear it

2.) Yah we don't have 6.0 yet. Not even an eta for that patch. 

3.) Yes. Aion right now is trying to get you to endgame as fast as possible. At that point, mob difficulty jumps a lot in certain instances and you need to get actual gear. pvp will also not be easy at all. 

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