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Aion - Battle Royale


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Because why the nyerk not? Every game seems to be wanting to release this, so why not join the train?

I am thinking of a "PvP" instance. Make it just like other battleground, or Gogrunerk's Gauntlet type (event instance).

Name: Bloodwood

Backstory: An ancient battleground used by the Balaur, where all Balaur fought against each other, or representatives of each army demonstrated their legion's power. This arena is usually used to settle disputes between legions in a controlled environment. Daevas find this arena and wish to gain intel on the Drakan's training, and therefore infiltrate and disguise as them.

Layout: A think lush forest. Several obstacles. The safe zone becomes smaller each time, indicated by a red shield/line. Players pre-select their locations to enter the battle, and they spawn in the designated spot automatically when stuff begins. Equipment and stuff drops form crates across the forest.

In Free-For-All mode, all players are the same Balaur models. In modes of groups or higher, each individual "squad" has the model of a certain Balaur army;. These could include; Old Drakan, Tiamat Army, Tiamat Protectorate, Beritran Army, Ereshkigal Army, Revived Ereshkigal Army, etc. In terms of powers and how to eliminate others, they will appear above your quickbar if you got them from opening chests. They could include selected area AoEs (like Homeward Bound), strong short range AoE, line AoEs, etc.

Obviously, map and target selection are disabled inside, because stealth and all. Much like in Luna instances, gear is irrelevant as damage is fixed. No items or skills, other than the ones received inside the instance itself, can be used. Godstones wouldnt be much of an issue because this is after 6.0, but, just in case, give everyone inside 100% Godstone Suppression (even though I am not sure if this stat is still present).

So, yes... Kind of started as a meme, but after thinking it through, it could be fun and valid. And, yes, I know Neleth or someone posted something like this before. :P

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That thread was mine :P

Anyway I've been thinking a lot about battle royale.The point of battle royale is stay alive and outlast everyone to be the winner.MR MS BLOCK gears will ruin battle royale already,cleric,chanter,sw will outlast everyone they just resist and keep running.Anyway a lot of problems will occurred in battle royale mode.

I was thinking a team game like defense the crystal and capture the flag something that's not about PvP but actually a team game where everyone can help like chanter could be a flag runner sorc sm defense the flag ranger provides support flag runner with traps everything in Aion is all about killing we needs something that's not about killing but a team game where everyone can help.

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