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Quickbar Bindings for Cleric?

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Hey, guys :)

I'm a returning player from Europe, who finally got fed up with all the EU's restrictions and decided to start up a new character here in NA. Long story short: now I got a lvl 66 Cleric that I am absolutely inlove with, however...this is the first character that I've levelled up so high and I feel like my quickbar bindings are a complete nyerking mess. *see picture below*

I'd appreciate any advice you have like: where to place buffs and debuffs, which skills should be top priority to cast, etc...Thanks in advance!!

P.S: Feel free to explain as if I'm an idiot, I won't mind :D


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In general it depends on what role you are currently in. For clerics it might be an okay idea to have two separate quickbars, one for dps and one for support.

One approach to mapping skills is to put instant casts on easily reachable buttons so you can press them while moving. As for specific skills, make sure you dispel. If you do that you are already better than 90% of all clerics.

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I have two quick bars. One with all my heals for 1-6 (and the aoe heals above them) and my dps skills at the end of the bar for those times when no one needs a heal and I can toss a little damage. The second has all my dps skills all along the bar with my heals up above. For both bars, my dispel is 7. Muscle memory has me hitting that no matter what roll I have.


Tbh, there is no wrong way to set up a bar. Go with what works for you. A hotbar is kind of like a woman's handbag. She can find everything in it and it makes total sense to her. But hand it to someone else and they will be lost.

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Just keybind everything like an Asian so it doesn't matter where these skill icons are on the screen.

Here's mine. Note that you may find some skills missing, this is only showing most skills on my support page. When I'm on DPS spec I use different binds.


Have a nice day!

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I still use some of the unused keys that are less convenient in touch for the most used windows (like U,I,M,K etc). Some I changed to Shift+something so it doesn't mess up with skills.

Anyway, the whole point of this kind of keybind setup is to allow you heal in one hand and switch targets fast in another hand. That's a lot more efficient than clicking to switch around and avoids mistakes. This is just an example and probably not the best example. Like my Ripple of Purification is right handed skill but I'm used to it already. I'm quite sure you guys can come up with better bindings. :)

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