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I Need Advice Please.


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Hello fellow Aion players, I'm quite new to the game and I was just trying to get a better understanding as to what to aim towards. Regardless of it possibly being based off of preference. I'll read all the comments.

I'm playing a Templar, and I'm really enjoying it. My questions I hope are simple.

Which stats should be my focus, should I use Sword/Shield, or Mace/Shield, and if either or, do I still want to carry a Greatsword around with me so I can swap out to possibly put out more damage?

Sorry for such newbie questions, but I just want to get an idea. Much <3 ahead of time for anyone trying to help me out.

I've come to notice a lot of my damage abilities only require a Melee weapon, so I was considering the possibility of people weapon swapping but I'm not entirely sure obviously that's why I'm here for any advice given! Please & Thanks.

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Mace/Shield only works at lower levels because gear isn't locked to specific classes yet. When you get to end-game, it isn't viable because gear either get class locked or the options are severely limited (e.g.: very few maces with attack speed), so you'll eventually have to transition to Sword/Shield. 

You should always have a Greatsword as the DPS is generally higher than Sword/Shield. Haven't played Templar in a while, but you should primarily be attacking with Greatsword and only swapping to Sword/Shield to execute guaranteed block skills (e.g.: Provoking Roar) or going into shield stance.

As for what stats to focus: At low levels, Crit and Attack. At higher levels, Accuracy, Crit, then Attack. Because Precision stones give you Accuracy, Crit, and M.Acc, you shouldn't have any trouble getting required minimums. Endgame you should be looking at about 1k  Crit and Attack, and 4k Accuracy as bare minimums. You will almost certainly exceed this.

Get used to gear swapping and weaving as you'll be doing it often. Also learn to time your skills and use your buffs appropriately, e.g.: dual furies right before your highest DPS skills or avoiding Reroute Power when you're getting your head smashed in

Good luck. I always felt Templars have one of the steepest learning curves, but in the right hands, they're downright godly.

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Thank you very much for that information, I found it very useful. I'll try my best to follow it, and obviously create my own style.

As for the steep learning curve, I don't mind that. It makes it that much more enjoyable once I finally figure out what to do and execute my skills correctly.

Much <3.

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Mace shield used to be the go to norm due to MACC on Maces for skills like Magic Smash.


Due to skill revamps and new gear types, Sword/Shield is where it is at.


Forgotten basically said most of everything you'd need to know. 


Bear minimum stats are easy to obtain, what you really strive for will take a lot, but it is managable. You can hit over 1.5k crit/5k Acc and solid attack with final end game gear.

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