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Taloc Hollow, How to fly to reach Celestius?


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I cant seem to ride the updraft no matter what, how does one open their wings while stationary?? I've been trying so long but still cant pass that campaign quest because I couldnt reach Celesitius. Can someone help??

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Hello, hope it has worked out for you by now:

On 6/13/2018 at 4:37 AM, MinJ-KT said:

how does one open their wings while stationary?? 

Double tap the space bar: First tap jumps and second tap opens wings. It may glitch if we do not open wings fast enough then we have to wait for fly CD and try again.

Lots of wind upstreams in the game. They all glitch from time to time. Some times I glide into the wind, but then drop down a little and cannot get my character to get high enough.

If we drop down a little, while still gliding, rotate camera to put the wind in in the center of monitor then tap the up arrow 1 or 2 times to glide forward a little more into the wind. It should catch you and push you up as high as it can.

Hop that helps.


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