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Sea Feast Weapons on the store!


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4 minutes ago, Sun-DN said:

I hope @Cyan don't forget the shield again, we still missing Wave song shield for more than 1 month and Tahabata Shield didn't got in bcm in years.


Cyan replied to Divine-DN's topic in General Discussion

I know the question about the shields will come up, so I'll answer before anyone asks! There was only a "skin" version of the Wave Song weapons, which we used when we added those to the store several weeks ago. Since there's no skin versions for the Sea Feast, we've just added the items to the store. The shields for both of these sets exist as non-skin versions and we will be adding them early next week. The names the shields currently have are not final and will be updated in a future maintenance. Thanks! ^~^

Did you ask about the Tahabata shield in the thread? Definitely quote him there and ask for it if you haven't.

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