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Aenhon for Siege Leader of Asmodae

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She is the restless river running through my veins, she rides without the reins, my name is Juanita, but you can call me Saerah, and I'd like to first start off by telling you a little about myself. I live in the heart of every woman in the world, within the reach of every girl who wants to meet me. She's a part of women and a part of me. She's not just a pretty face. She is your waitress, she is your judge, she is your teacher. She is every woman in the world, I am every woman in the world, but I am not Valor, Hime, Cyan, or anyone at NCsoft, and for special reasons I must point out that Valor, Hime, Cyan, and whoever works at NCsoft isn't a women in this case or any case having to do with the entirety of the Aenhon Campaign.

Today I was assigned to be Aenhon's Communications Director. My job is to get campaign information to the people of Asmodae and to clarify on campaign information released by the press. You may not be telling yourself who is Aenhon or Saerah, but I can assure you everyone knows Aenhon, and I am associated with him by quantum entanglement, that is how Clerics are made, by the way, fun fact, Chanters are made by meeting children, and Priests are the untangled. Anyway, we met when we were standing next to each other at some place and point in time, and from that point on my divine self was quantumly entangled with him, making him divine like all women and children are. Anyway, we are all one in the same really, I'm inside him and he is inside me.

For the empty set of people who don't know Aenhon, he is gonna hold on because that's what he believes in so strong, no matter how long, no one, can tell him he is wrong, and he ain't going down. He had an election at fifteen, his daddy never did forgive him, he never heard from his running mate again. The running mate was pronounced dead because no one saw him for years, anyone would say that I'm lucky to be in Aenhon's campaign staff. Aenhon is running for the position of Lacrum Siege Leader. He is always around on the "Looking for Group" and he will be for the rest of eternity, so you might as well put Aenhon's knowledge of the people to work. He is gonna hold on because that's what he believes in so strong, no matter how long, no one, can tell him he is wrong, and he ain't going down. An "ah-hah" gets him through the day and every night he pray that he could give you enough, so please vote for Aenhon.

We are some months into this campaign, the approval ratings polls show him at divide by zero error, which is great because we all know Aenhon is great and unratable. Everyone knows Cit was a failure, we lost in siege with a level 9 fortress buff numerous times in a row with Cit as leader. Cit fails to show up to siege every day now, and he rather get in trouble with the Ethics Committee for making certain comments during siege.

Aenhon sent me hundreds of photos from his campaign moments so far, each one containing one on one portraits of a supporter and Aenhon, and here are moments picked by Aenhon from his campaign with some his supporters (Ryuknariko, Anialator, PaiPai, Ego, and Demise - all Poshe Bling Bling Material just like Aenhon). Que the inspirational music, because no one can tell him he is wrong, he ain't going down.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Saerah (Juanita)

Communications Director of the Aenhon Campaign

This message was signed off on, customized, approved by Aenhon, and written by Saerah.

Edited by Saerah-KT
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5 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

I have no clue what I just read, but it was hilarious.


Side note: Valor no longer works at NCsoft. He moved somewhere else.

Fake news, a true women knows exactly what this means since I am a women and I understand it. We are one in the same thing, that is right I are you. You may deny what you truly are as some parts of me, but I know who I are. It must be the radiation, it makes us women hilarious.


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