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Strange income


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Hi there,
I trust you are doing splendidly and enjoying the season.

By doing ALL types of quests, I receive many Coins (from Iron to Platinum) which at the moment are completely worthless (the items one could buy with these coins are extremely weak compared to the +10 Fledgling free set). Therefore, the income from doing quests must increase significantly by replacing these unutilized coins with kinah, potions, food, power shards, scrolls etc.
I assume this would be quite difficult to achieve, since the box "Display Low Level Quests" was left unselected by default (easy path), BUT it could revive some content (map, lore, info, sighting, music, effects, movement etc.) of the game - which mostly is defined by Elite units in some specific areas of all maps which now are completely ignored and that's a shame if one has a "completionist" urge, since very few would offer to help.

I would very much appreciate if you could give some thought to this awkward situation of KILLING content by leaving the low level quests not only hidden, but utterly worthless in terms of income because the Coins have no value.

Have a nice day and please do take care!


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Gold and Platinum coins may still have value to twinks, or even to people who are looking for low-level warehouse tradeable Abyss gear. See guide here (you may have to log out of this forum to view).

That said, changes are already being made to leveling/low level content in 6.0, so any suggestions for changing existing game play probably won't be taken into consideration since the next version has already been finalized in Korea.

Last thing: devs don't read this forum, so no reason to leave your email as they won't be replying to you. I'd suggest removing it (even if it's a junk email account), as trolls might decide to sign you up for spam mail. 

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