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6.0 Aethertapping, Gathering, and Crafting


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I saw a video that said Aethertapping, Gathering, and Crafting were going to be removed in 6.0  

How true is this? I like aethertap, gathering, and crafting, but it takes a long time to level, and I'd rather spend my time doing something else if it's going to be removed.  

On a side note, where could I find PvE rotations for all the classes? I'm a big fan of how the animations look, and Aion has some great animations, but I also want to improve my rotations for PvE because I want to get into dungeons and end-game content.


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Aethertapping and crafting are going away. I saw somewhere that gathering still exists in some form, but I'm not 100% sure on that. At level 66+, you unlock "aetherforging," which is the only crafting system that carries into 6.0.

You can try the class section of the forums to see if anyone's posted their rotations, but rotations are so personal that they're not as straight-forward as, say, FFXIV rotations are. If there's a specific class you're looking at in game, you might have to ask around in game or make a post in General Discussion and see if you get a helpful response. If you get into a good legion, they ofttimes have people who can help you maximize your rotation, but part of it is learning what works for you. Aion Rainmeter is a decent program for tracking your DPS vs others. 

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