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Cabinet Expired with items in it T_T

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Hello, i've been away for quite sometime and when i got back, my housing cabinet has expired with items in it. (first free cabinet you get from the initial housing quest line) . Now, i tried to purchase the same cabinet name from the furniture merchant, installed it, but i cant still recover the items inside. There was a mail that i received stating that i need the cabinet of the same type for me to retrieve the items... where can i get another base 1 row cabinet cabinet that has a 30 day expiration? anyone? i stored some tempering and  omegas in there. dang.

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What you are looking for is one of the 9 types of cabinets, (7 are permanent and 2 only last 60 days), a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet (only last 60 days), which is given by the lvl 21 Housing quest. You can either get it by buying a <Salix Wood Cabinet> (brown) or <Noble Salix Wood Cabinet> (white) if you are an Asmo or <Ulmus Wood Cabinet> and <Noble Ulmus Wood Cabinets> for Elyos from broker or you can also craft it with 300p in Construction.

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