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Uncompleteable Quests

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I do Charlirunerk Daemons' daily quests. It often happens to be "Find The Remains of a Giant Weapon" - I came to this place 3 times already, the instruction on the quest shows even an exact position, I'm on it and there's nothing clickable, no green star and has never been. Why is it so? Are there certain hours when it appear? What is its cooldown if somebody took it? Another thing in these quests happens to be some Fossil North of Bomire Village - I got it once, but never seen it coming to that place on later days. And searching everywhere along the road, or valley, never found it either. What strange quests? Could NCSoft pls fix these quests or remove them from Charlirunerk Daemons? 


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1) The Giant Weapon quest item has more than six spawn points across Leviathan's Ruin. I forgot how many exactly, but they are always close to the main path.

2) The Ancient Fossil has 3 or 4 spots in Bonecreak Valley, also doable.

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I posted this before on the old forums and on Facebook a few times but here it is again.

Remains of Giant Weapon - all 10 Locations:


Ancient Fossil (also a pain in the nyerk to find) 4/5 locations


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