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Can someone, please, explain how pet autoloot works? Especially, in groups. Do I have to be a group leader in order for it to work? What loot setting should be set? What does it loot (all junk, +1 manastones etc) and what does it not loot? Does it alert about higher grade items set for roll? Is there anything else worth mentioning? Thank you.

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Pet autoloot has always sucked. It doesn't work, like, hardly at all in groups, and it doesn't automatically pick up things like quest items (I don't think it does, anyway) or items that require clicking yes on "Are you sure you want to loot this?" even if you're alone. It doesn't alert or anything. It just derps along behind you as a big, fat lie of a feature.

@Bryos-DN Do you have a less cynical opinion than I do on loot pets?

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I mean, mine is not about cynical or not. :P I believe pet looting works when they should and dont when they shouldnt (which is probably repeating myself, but it sounds poetic).

They do wonders when you set loot to normal/leader, which is the only time I use them in group. And when I am solo, they loot literally everything. As Cheese said, they wont loot items that require confirmation, but those only drop while in group, so...

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My friend and I experienced a similar problem with auto-loot the other day. You have to set your group distribution settings to round-robbin. Also, make sure your pet's auto-loot feature is actually enabled. You would think a pet with an auto-loot feature would be "automatically" set to pick up your items, but alas.

To check if your auto-loot feature is on, right click on your pet and select "info". Select the auto-loot tab and click on the icon that looks like a pile of treasure. Make sure the icon is glowing (that means it is enabled). You might want to drag the icon to your skill-bar so you know when it is on and when it is disabled.

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Best way to avoid losing time looting all the crap is to set

Loot:  Leader
Distribution:  Normal
Roll: Eternal

this way the only corpses that remain to loot manually will have a Mythic drop.
Round and Robin can work too but only if everybody in the group has the autoloot  function ON, or some mobs will need to be looted manually by the one with the loot rights.

Also the function only works at 30 meters range max

@Spirithq-KT while in group quest items need confirmation, a small window pops up and you need to press ok



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