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Giving Grove 2018 Danaria Collect


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Hello people of danaria again, with the return of the event of the trees, and seen that for now no one else is doing it .. I will be collecting the seeds to evolve the trees, I will be in sanctum next to the trees, receiving their seeds, remember that this is a benefit for all, if the trees do not evolve, they will only give us bad prizes. I hope your support as other times.
Currently to evolve the shiny tree I wear 866/3000

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21 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Don't you already have the title? Why not let someone else on your server have a chance?

for me there is no problem in passing the seeds to someone, but we know how people work here, last year I made the mistake of allowing another person to climb the tree ... supposedly I just wanted the title, asked for the seeds, climbed the tree and I was left with the prize, after my pocket I had to buy an equivalent prize since I was not going to look bad with the people who collaborated sending seeds ..
Therefore it is not because of being a bad person .. but maybe someone from my legion gets the title, but this is certain that the prize will be returned to the raffle


6 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Like, all of her and her bf's characters should have the title after last time.

I repeat it's not because I'm a bad person, but I'm almost sure that if I pass the seeds ... not only will they keep the title, but with the prize ... and then the one that has to face the people that collaborate will be me

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here the video with the results of the drawing of the raffle of the trees of danaria by collecting 1500 seeds for a level. The caeus box was awarded and I put extras such as two tempering and an omega to reward the effort of all those who cooperated

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