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Current OW Glitches.


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Enemy players able to hit around obstacles despite being out of 50% cast

sometimes points do not register after killing boxes

sometimes enemy players able to take shugo form despie being repeatedly hit and with no shield

sometimes boxes do not respond to shugo skills.

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Not sure what you have been seeing, Forced, but there are possible explanations.


Boxes always respond to the shugo skill, but the opposing team can heal the box.. which makes it impossible to kill the box unless one of your teammates gets rid of whoever is healing the box. This also could explain why you don't always get the points for killing the box. Sometimes the other team will get those points if their shugo put enough damage into it. So even though you finished the box, the other team got the points.


Lastly, if a player dodges or resists your attack, their attempt to take the tower to get the shugo form will not be interrupted. 

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