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ncwest Gear Enchanting Event

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So you guys have given us several power up events where stigma's ,cores and accessories dont break.How about adding a weapon and armor event before 6.0 hits since these items are just as important and im sure many player's would like to enchant their gear higher that hasnt been upgraded yet.Im sure many people would be happy to buy omega's during a event like this similar to the rank1 gear before 5.0 release.

Please consider a event like this before 6.0 hits not all of us have the time to run evergale or pve instances to get purification materials and having higher gear might help people in pve/pvp.

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Except for Caeus. What r u expecting more on weapon and armor… There is already a '5 enchant level zone' exisits.(BTW caeus weapon do have stupid tempering rate, even there is a +6 safe zone, it is also hard to get +9)

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