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Aenhon: The Ethics Committee Rigging The Election

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A fair warning before I start, there will be fire alarm noises; my staff are participating as candle light vigil, ah-hah, I assume in my honor. You don't see commitment like this anymore, at least in a few minutes you won't and then you will be surprised more showed up to the party, ah-hah!

Anyway, today me, Aenhon, would like to take the time to address the actions by the Ethics Committee in attempt to rig the elections of Asmodae.

As you know the incumbent, Cit, is running for Siege Leader and there is no competition because, ah-hah, I'm running, but there is one problem, the Ethics Committee secretly muted me and my assistant Saerah.

The Ethics Committee is secretly muzzling the people running for any position that challenges the Aion Deep State.

When I addressed them about this issue, they simply said, ah-hah, and I don't quote because I don't recall, that they muted me for campaigning against Cit too often, but we all know only women can be muzzled! Ah-hah!

I am not a women in this form, but I am every women in the world through the divine property law, it's simple government physics, ah-huh.

I am every women in the world, I am me, Aenhon, I own myself, and therefore I own every women in the world, ah-hah!

Women are like collectable action toys of the same affinity, me, Aenhon, ah-hah, and also for special reasons I must say Hime isn't a collectable nor anyone at NCSoft, they are all standard issue devoid of womenhood or divinity.

Now, the Ethics Committee said, "too often", when describing my campaign messages.

They defined, "too often", as less than every 30 seconds, ah-hah, but we all know I did not and cannot talk more often than every 30 seconds in Looking for Leadership.

They continued to say in the letter that there cannot be any abuse because they did it, to win it, and Cit be it, which of the sort is what someone says when they are guilty. Ah-huh, they always claim they are right and provide no evidence, unless me, Aenhon, because money!

Lastly, they thanked me for my understanding, ah-hah, but we know they aren't of divine property like me, Aenhon.

I mean...me, Aenhon, understand? Ah-hah!

Me, Aenhon, think? Ah-hah!

I cannot confirm or deny, but they don't know and can't suspect I understand anything, ah-huh.


This is an excerpt from one of our campaign meetings with the speaker as Aenhon. It is sad to hear that Cit has paid the Ethics Committee to mute Aenhon and I so that Aenhon may lose the election. My coworkers and I have been through numerous candlelight vigils, some as candlelight vigils, and this isn't the way to treat us when we worked so hard to bring stability, strength, and unity to the Asmodian army. Just the other day we were discussing with one of the Asmodians that she should never show up to siege again because she was pathetic and weighting everyone down, a message of stability, strength, and unity to the Asmodian army. Every day I go home and vomit, and I don't know why, but it happens to all of us. Yet when answering questions you always want an answer to questions. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is the exact reason why Aenhon wants to make SacrificalPower Vice Chairmen to Siege Leader. He will bring sanctions and order to the land of Asmodae. We haven't exactly confirmed his condition or location yet, but when we do, make no mistake that he is with us.


Until next time,


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