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There are good events and bad events. Some people actually like this event. Others loathe it. It's like that with every event. Best advice, play the events you like and ignore all the others. Don't obsess on the ones you don't like. Your gaming time will be so much happier.

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21 hours ago, Valedia-DN said:

not against what you're saying but if you not really into loggin alts to start playing again it's just a waste to log and just sit for 2hrs with a high chance of getting a spinel lol

Then don't. That was the point I was getting at. Most of the events in Aion rely heavily on RNG. You can have your alt sit in game for hours and get something you really wanted or get just something poop. The chances of the first happening are smaller, but it does exist. For some people, that's enough. I can see it isn't there for you, so ignore this event. Wait for something that does appeal to you. No reason to call for the ending of an event just because it isn't to your taste.

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