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Thank you, some random reports just made me quit.


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Yeah I got sexually Harassed in game called said person the"f" word and I got the ban I tried pleading that you know... um But it did not matter I got reported first the finger was pointed at me I MUST be the bad guy, The f word followed by the a g you know that one word

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45 minutes ago, TonyTheGod-KT said:

Just got banned for typing some message in-game. Guess freedom of speech is not in Aion NA.

Thanks to you who actually report instead of taking the message as a joke. LOL


Some random people for sure report you man :/ and you were just kidding  hope NCSOFT fix that soon, it's unfair.

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We need to pray for whom reported tony as it is a tired, pathetic and jealous nyerk. Find something purposeful to do please, for instance, (to)





如果你真的太閒, 可以自慰, 別去做些傷害無辜的事.

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