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I restarted the game this week after a long "rest". I created a new char from 0. I am currently level 56. I'm already 400+ in aethertapping/essencetapping/cooking. But I have 1 problem. I can't find the vendor who sells the morphing recipes for Magical Aether. I remember they used to exist but it seems there are currently no vendors who sell those recipes. Help?

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crap happens, but you can't be faulted for not knowing, it was part of 5.1, loss of gelk/iggni forts.  which was several months ago. BTW proper choice of crafting to use with the old school gathering methods, even making your own pots/food/jellies is a bargain after you get in to expert/master ranges.. NO lfg/legion group happenign for what you weant to do, 20min of puttering in iggnison/cygnea and you'll have a month's supply ;)

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