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Is there a limited number of bids a house can get, or does the auction end automatically at 30 minutes past the end time? I was in a bidding war on a house and we are in overtime and bidding back and forth and of course the timer gets 4 more minutes added after each bid. Then suddenly the other person upped the bid by 500 million. I clicked my letter in the mail (for a failed bid) to get my bid money back and then clicked the house auction NPC person in order to bid again...and the house was sold!!! Within just seconds of the other person placing their bid! Why didn't the timer go up by 4 minutes again? Instead, the auction ended in seconds and I lost my house. What kind of freakish rules have they added? Why didn't the timer get more time added after the other person bid???? Trying to understand so I know what to watch out for next time...Thanks for any info.

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